Makeup Blender Sponge (IN-STOCK)

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Makeup Blender Sponge (IN-STOCK)

The NEW Makeup Blender Sponge is a silicone makeup applicator that will give you a streak free, flawless finish using any cream or liquid cosmetic without wasting one drop of product. Currently IN-STOCK READY TO BE SHIPPED only $5.99

This product is silicone and VEGAN.

All our SiliBlender went though a sterile cleaning and testing process. It's 100% safe to use face neck and body.


Makeup Blender Sponge IS silicone makeup applicator is about to be your new best friend here’s why!

  • – The Makeup Blender Sponge gives your makeup a flawless streak free finish to your face.
  • – Makeup Blender Sponge is half the price of other name brand blenders and sponges.
  • – Makeup Blender Sponge wastes absolutely zero product when you use it. Because it’s unique silicone finish it won’t absorb any makeup.
  • – Makeup Blender Sponge requires less makeup for full coverage results so your cosmetics last longer saving you even money.
  • – Makeup Blender Sponge only takes seconds to clean and sanitize. Rinse with gentle soap and warm water and voila! All clean!
  • – Makeup Blender Sponge won’t accumulate bacteria or fungus build up. Because it’s 100% non-absorbent you won’t have creepy crawlies growing in your makeup bag or spreading acne causing bacteria on your face.

// CARE //
Clean your SiliBlender before and after each use by using gentle soap and rinse well with warm water.

The inner material is made from silicone and the outer shell is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)—a flexible plastic that’s resistant to oil and grease.

– Keep out of direct sunlight
– store in a protective bag or container to avoid punctures
– Replace applicator once there is any damage of the outer lining
– Keep out of reach of children
– For external use only. Do not ingest